Horses and Driving Books


Equitherapy (SHP)

The horse can evoke diverse feelings and reactions in us. When a person gets involved with the horse, all senses are touched in their interaction. Moving together can make us enter a dialogue, where body, mind and soul are equally involved. In doing so, psychomotor skills are intensively addressed. Because of the diverse impulses that are processed in the nervous system, many new structures and connections come into being, that can also have an effect on other physical and mental correlates. 

The horse exerts an enormous attraction on many people, that highly motivates them to get involved in the therapeutic or pedagogic process. The wish to be close to the horse, to move together, to touch it and to engage in a relation with it, can facilitate experiences that otherwise would be much more difficult, or even impossible to achieve. 
Viewed in this light, the horse can facilitate and promote therapeutic and pedagogic processes. But beware: the horse in itself is no therapist. The horse can only unfold his natural qualities in a therapeutic relationship in the proper context and with a professional therapist. This requires a specialist, who systematically develops, improves, supports and/or heals his clients with the horse’s help. This book gives an overview of the responsible and systematic use of the horse in the context of psychotherapeutic, pedagogic and psychosocial measures of improvement.













Horses and Driving Books 2016